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Smart Wood

SCG SmartWOOD is a fiber cement wood substitute products of superior quality processed through a steam and high-pressure system (Autoclave), is part of a technology package that includes the Firm & Flex technology, ensuring that every unit meets SCG 's quality standards.


●  High-quality materials.
● Strong, virtually unbreakable.
● Suitable for indoors and outdoors.
● Bendable for material with less than 12 mm. thickness.
● Termite-proof; easy to maintain.

No shrinkage, warping nor bending
With high-pressure, steaming Firm & Flex technology, smartWOOD will not shrink warp, nor bend, meeting international density standards.

Colours and patterns as beautiful as wood
Coming ready-made from the factory, the natural texture and color are just like real wood, with a wide variety of applications.

Many thickness available, as desired
Cut, hammer, or saw easily just like real wood.

Non  Asbestos
SCG  has eliminated any concerns by establishing new quality and safety standards for substitute wood with Firm & Flex production technology for SCG SmartWOOD.

Echo Boards

Mainly used in wall and ceiling wherever there is a need to increase sound absorption or achieve desired decorative finish.

Music and Movie Rooms
EchoBloc helps to increase better sound quality of watching movie and listening to music.
. Home Theater
. Music Studio
. Movie Theater

Noisy Areas
EchoBloc helps to absorb sound people's voice.
. Hotel
. Shopping Center
. Meeting & Seminar Room
. Call Center Room
. Restaurant
. Office

Huge Space in Building Area
EchoBloc helps to decrease echo sound in a big hall and wide space.
. Library
. Computer Center
. Hospital
. Airport
. Drama Center
. Conference & Seminar Center
. Exhibition Hall
. Theater


Zerve Boards

Properties :
Easy to open and close
Looks neat and harmonious with the ceiling, no visible frame and seamless joint.
Strong and durable, less damage.

Usage Area :
Suitable for most of interior space, Living room, Restroom